McConathy Farm Rescue Team

5032 Whites Lane, Lexington
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Who We Are

      McConathy Farm, LLC is a recreational farm for boarding horses. By adding a family-like atmosphere and some recreational enticements for clients who board their horses with the farm (cookouts, group vet & farrier visits, fish fries, bon fires, group trail rides, etc.), it has grown quite fast and has leased an additional 45 acres. Lisa has owned and loved horses since childhood and gained her love for the animals from her father, the late James E. McConathy, Jr.  She has had horses on Whites Lane since 1999 and in addition to riding her own horses, she began taking in horses on her own time and dime. 

     In November, 2014, Lisa formed McConathy Farm Rescue Team, a 501(c)3 charity.  There are many helpful volunteers who board their horses, then find they love to just hand around and help out at the farm and with the rescues. And there are volunteers who decide to board at the farm. 

     Whites Lane is located just 20 minutes from downtown Lexington, KY, from UK campus and from Masterson Station. Many UK college students come to college and bring their horses along!  

     We have assisted tons of horses to date of all ages and breeds. Unless there is an emergency situation, we have a limit of 10 horses and once we rehome them we take in additional horses.  We are preparing to apply for grants and we do hold fund raisers and do marketing campaigns because every dollar is used for the horses! There are no paid workers.

     We also assist other horse rescues in need by sharing hay, grain and transportation when  needed.  We rescues work together whenever possible for the good of the horses!