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Sometimes we rescue horses, sometimes we rescue people!

Our goal is to bring peace and calm into the middle of chaos for incoming horses!

Venmo - @Lisa-McConathy

Paypal -

Checks - mail to 5032 Whites Lane, Lexington KY 40515

Credit cards can be done through Square - call Lisa at 859-983-8316

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12/18/23 - Announcing our newest rescue, Belle! Head over to our Available Now page to see more! 


12/15/23 - We are happy to announce that Willow has been adopted by KY Riding for Hope! We couldn't have asked for a better placement. We know they will give her an amazing life!

12/2/23 - We had an amazing time at the Clark Co Christmas Parade! This event is so much fun every year! We are so thankful to be part of it!

11/5/23 - We were honored to be able to participate in the Veteran's 5k race today for the 4th time! It's always an amazing day supporting our veteran's!

10/21/23 - We had the most AMAZING day today! We were so blessed with great weather, great ponies, great vendors, great riders, and great guests at the farm! Thank you everyone who came out and supported the rescue!

9/27/23 - Can you believe the benefit is less than a month away!?! Mark your calendars! If you would like to donate anything to the silent auction or sign up for any of the horse show classes, contact Lisa!


9/22/23 - Everyone welcome Atomic Rain and True Rider to the farm! They are being assessed for adoption so please check back to see when they are available!

Atomic Rain.jpg

9/18/23 - We are so excited to announce that Joe Diffy is adopted! Congratulations Joe and his new rider! We can't wait to see updates!!!


9/12/23 - IT'S TIME FOR OUR ANNUAL BENEFIT!!! Come on out for an amazing day with our rescue! We will have food, a silent auction, vendors, and a horse show!!! Mark your calendars for October 21st!!!


11/6/22 - Today we represented at the VA5K in Lexington! It was our third time there and we had an amazing day!

10/22/22 - Thank you to everyone who turned out for our annual benefit! It was a huge success and such a beautiful day! 

10/20/22 - The benefit is only 2 days away! Bring your kiddos and come support the rescue!!!! OCTOBER 22 - 10am-dark. Old Richmond Rd to Jack's Creek Pk to White's Ln. We are at the end of the lane in the big black barn!!! Below is the post with all the details!

10/1/22 - The Judge is ready for adoption! Check him out on our Available Now page!

8/25/22 - SAVE THE DATE – THIS YEAR’S BENEFIT -- OCTOBER 22, 2022!!!!!!! 10 TO 5 MUSIC AFTER!!!!!


This is the plan for the day: Vendors at 8 a.m., Open at 10 a.m., start at 11 with the National Anthem, flag carrying horse, wounded warrior horse, parade of rescues and riders volunteering and then the fast horses begin their runs around the barrels !!!

Somewhere in here we will take a break from the barrels and let kids and adults ride horses around the arena!!! You must sign a release first and get a stamp on your hand!!

The silent auction will run all day until 4:30 p.m. You do not have to be present to win or have your name put on a basket. We will try (I mean try) to do a live so you can see all the items we will have!

Starting at 5 we will have live music until dark. This is to entertain us as we wind the day down and begin cleaning up at 5 p.m. Todd and Jessica Slusher and friends are coming!! The Fairly Famous Hippie Cowboys!

Vendors will set up early morning all over the farm all day.

Food will be provided by our own neighborhood BOONE DOGS food truck!! (pending)

Terry Cave’s wonderful handmade cards will be there!!

Barn Quilts by Mel !!!

Cotton candy and sweets provided by Grannie T's ! (pending)

Richard Whittle will have his fantastic wood work for sale as usual (confirmed)

Storytelling Jewelry (pending)

T shirt making vendor Southern Birch Designs (confirmed)

Hillside Tack (pending)

Tiki for cider, coffee, ice cream, etc. (pending)

Vickie Stipp's wonderful wreaths!!

AND we will have Hailey and Scooter the cart pony for rides as well as BARREL CAR rides !!!

There is no admission fee and free parking. Follow the signs! For GPS use 5032 Whites Lane.

Horse trailers can use 5185 Whites Lane and park at the back gate off Damar. We will have pens set up for horses to rest in when not in work.

We need volunteers to help with gate opening and resetting barrels, walking or riding in the parade, barrel racers, show horses, drivers for the barrel cars, silent auction help, cashiers, parking lot attendant, sign makers, sign placers, trash can helpers, horse waterers, bake sale folks!!!

We need baked goods for the bake sale WE ALWAYS SELL OUT!!!!! We need items for the silent auction!!!!! We will put a list of possible items on Amazon and you can purchase and have it mailed to our address!!! You can send any appropriate item at all. People LOVE winning the silent auction items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need vendors and we choose only one per theme. We only require one item be donated for the silent auction to join us!

BRIBERY: We will take the person who gets the most silent auction items in to a dinner at the place of your choice after the benefit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND we will take the person who gets the most vendors to join us to a dinner at the place of your choice after the benefit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If anyone LOVES the microphone and wants to be the MC please let me know it is not my favorite job (ha). We will have a rented sound system.

PLEASE CONTACT ME AGAIN IF YOU HAVE VOLUNTEERED TO DO SOMETHING FOR THE BENEFIT AND I DON’T HAVE IT LISTED HERE!!! We have been preoccupied with the Eastern KY trips but we also have to get organized. We are less than 60 days out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE SHARE TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/4/22 - UPDATE: The list given to us by the churches we are working with is below.

Filling up the 2 horse!! We will deliver on Sat thanks all for your donations!! We have gotten the things most asked for: batteries, flashlights, socks, underwear, baby items, diapers, canned food with pull off lids, bleach, cleaning supplies, pet food, paper towels, toilet paper, snacks for kids, etc.

You guys are awesome! We collected $1,000 and had $641 donated by Costco on the first trip.

Second trip we have collected $2,000 and folks are bringing in more supplies before Saturday.

What a blessing you all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!!

Keep it coming ya'll we will deliver it and have plenty more room in other trailers and vehicles!!!

P.S. I know we don't have Bertha's load yet or Kathy's !!!! or Melanie's !!!!!


Convenience foods that do not require cooking or refrigeration (electricity is off in areas)

Water (the water plant has been compromised) a lot are doing this


Disposable plates and cups *

Hygiene products personal and feminine*


Plain can openers (non electric)

All sizes underwear*

Hand sanitizer*

Cleaning products

Rubber gloves*


Clean summer clothes


Trash bags*


Basic medical supplies. (band-aids, ointment etc)*



Water hose



Paper towels*


Flashlights and batteries*

Air mattress

Clean bedding

Pet food*

Towels and wash cloths*

Rubber boots


7/28/22 - Today we loaded up a horse trailer to take to eastern KY to help with the flood relief. We will be loading the trailer once again next weekend.  If you want to help us obtain supplies call me and we will coordinate who goes to which stores (Costco, Sams, Kroger, etc. ). I have done this in the past and they gladly give supplies and/or gift cards.

We have raised 1350 in cash and 500 in a Costco card!!!! GOD is so good. The clerks are wonderful, the customers are patient and giving cash too!! The Costco manager was fantastic!! It's a great day to help others!!!

Please donate anything you wish on the list or otherwise just no used clothing! Right now this is a desperate situation.

Bring items to 5032 Whites Lane and then drive down the lane to 5185 Whites Lane on the left at the end. Big black barn with red X's with a lot of horse trailers around! 859-983-8316 Lisa McConathy Farm

I have notification of locations but it is an ever changing situation. I will personally talk to our contact before we deliver to make sure we are going to the location in the most dire need.

If you want to send money to Bethany Christian Mission they have a paypal.

If you want to send funds to McConathy Rescue we have a Venmo and paypal or send checks to 5032 Whites Lane, Lexington, KY 40515. Your donations will be used for flood relief.

We will shop personally and deliver personally and provide photos of the operation.

Thank you. Pray for all the folks who have lost so much in this disaster.

5/29/22 - We are thrilled that Dena has now found her forever home!!! So exciting!!!

4/23/22 - We are so excited to announce that Ally found her forever home!!! CONGRADULATIONS!

3/15/22 - Coming soon! This is Judge! He is a newly gelded TB. You can already see the progress he's made with only being with us a short time.

3/10/22 - Take a look at our Available horses to see more info about Ally! 

3/10/22 - BENEFIT 2022 WILL BE OCTOBER 22, 2022!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

If it is cold we will build a bonfire!!!!! Worked out great last year!!!

Please think about anyone or company who would donate a silent auction item or gift card. We can provide a tax receipt. If you want copies of brochures, flyers and tax letters to show to folks let me know I will get you a packet.

This year will be hard to obtain items I am sure but it is never easy. Remember auctioning off quality things puts money in the bank for hay, grain, vet bills, farrier bills, emergency supplies, trailers, tires, insurance, etc.

Thank you all for getting off the bench to help our mission to help people and horses!!!!!

Please share and mark the date!

This means I have 7 months to post about the benefit. LOL There should not be anyone in the local area who does not know what we do and why we do it !!

Lisa 859-983-8316

1/2/22- HORSE BOARDING OPENINGS!!!!! 5032 Whites Lane, Lexington, KY and 5235 Athens Boonesboro, Lexington (Clark County location).

Here's the scoop! Do YOU have THIS at your boarding farm??

Because we held horses off of several of our larger pastures we have room for up to 12 more horses. We rested the pastures and held off on adding boarders so now we have opened up the opportunity!

We have 4 farm choices. We do have a rescue as well as boarding. You are welcome to join in and volunteer if you’d like or not. We quarantine every rescue horse 30 days and have complete vet care done on each incoming animal by Rood and Riddle.

We are a very low key, uncomplicated, not a lot of rules kind of place. You are the boss of your own horse. We don't tell each other what to do. We don't spend all day complaining. We have happy hour every afternoon, join us or not.

We are certainly not the most expensive, a show barn or the cheapest but do you have the following at your barn?

• Arena is for all boarders, we don’t rent out the arena to public. Sand mix 120 x 150 lighted arena.

• Bathroom, no charge (ha)

• Hot water available for bathing horses, etc., no charge

• Shower available for horse owners no charge

• Washer/Dryer available no charge

• Jumps, barrels, poles, cones, no charge

• Free trailer parking

• Locked tack room, no charge

• Group picnics, trail rides, bathing days, vet or farrier visits

• Use your vet or ours, Rood and Riddle

• Self-care, pasture only

-Self-care, pasture with feeding (you supply feed)

• Self-care, pasture with stall (second barn)

• Self-care, pasture with stall (main arena barn back stalls)

• Full-care, with stall (main arena barn)

• Private paddocks available if preferred, we can discuss size and pricing

• Limited trail riding areas through pastures, road riding on dead end safe roads

• Several choices in pastures, large, medium and dry lots. Can move as your horse gains or loses weight. If they do not get along in one herd we will try another.

• Farm is open 7 days a week, arena hours until 10 pm weekdays, 12 pm weekends

• Feeding is available daily for a minimal cost

• Grass hay is provided. Additional hay is available at cost. Specialized hay can be fed if you purchase.

• We provide basic grain at 14% protein from Rural King for full care. We can feed your grain if you prefer and purchase.

• We will feed your supplements for you

• We have a “Oldies” field for our olders 20 to 30 years old

• Been on Whites Lane since 1999 and if you want references we’ve got them!

And if you need help with transportation we own a transport company as well David McMillan, McMillan & Son Transport 859-270-3964

One more thing if your horse is ill you can use a stall for $12 a night and we will provide shavings and put a camera on them and allow you to have access 24/7 for viewing.

Any questions please call, text or message me. We are on Facebook as McConathy Farm and McConathy Farm Rescue Team, join us !! Lisa McConathy, 859-983-8316 or David McMillan 859-270-3964




Thank you everyone for your support and time and donations of both money and supplies!!! We make a great team and every year I think we get better!

-----We were able to help out one Christmas family with 4 children in a nearby town with your help and donations!!

-----We have $500 collected to send to the tornado victims once I have contact with a person in charge to find their greatest current need.

-----We sent $100 to a personal family for emergency hay after the tornados.

The rescue constantly tries to help out the humane societies and animal control offices in Lexington and surrounding counties. And we take in as many horses and animals that we can provide for from others in need.


The rescue owns a 23 acre farm. The boarding farm leases 3 farms for a total of 45 acres. We house rescues, boarders, renters and personal horses mixed on each farm according to their needs. (Jenny Craig lot aka dry lot, stall care, or green green grass of home (for the skinnies).

At this time we have 44 horses, ponies, donkeys and a sheep and a quail (and a partridge in a pear tree -- almost):

Rescues: 10 (8 of these are sanctuary and will stay forever)

Boarders: 20

Personal: 6 (Yes we are collectors)

Sponsored: 4 (rescues with $200 donations to stay with Mc)

Renters: 2 (boarding provided with rescue rental property)

* Foster: 1 (Lex Hum Soc sheep)

Rescue: 1 quail (living in the Hyatt aka my office)


AND the small animal division started out great this year!!!! We now have:

2 peacocks (unnamed)

5 guineas (unnamed)

1 rooster (Dickie Taylor)

2 pigs (Bonnie and Lilly)

5 goats (Clyde, Bear, Douglas, Cowboy, Kenny)

6 Gertrudes (chickens)

1 Rescue horse (Miller)

1 Rescue mammoth donkey (Applejack)

2 Rabbits (Roger Rabbit and Midnight)

1 sheep (housing for new neighbors)

2 jersey cows (housing for new neighbors)

28 total animals (we just rehomed a duck and a rooster!)

ADDITIONALLY, We attended the VA5K event with ponies and goats and Kiki the great pyr puppy. We have visited nursing homes and children with the ponies. We attended a Christmas parade with ponies, goats, the pup and a cow !!! We had the Easter bunny and Santa and Mrs. Clause.

We use the rescue animals and the volunteers' animals to support the community and to draw attention to our rescue. Our hope is to show all animals deserve a long happy useful life. The more support we can muster up the more animals we can save. It is that simple! And we do have a ton of fun doing it. Join us sometime!!

MCMILLAN AND SON TRANSPORT (David McMillan) has hauled many beautiful horses and other animals as well as tractors and equipment. His first year had gotten off to a boom even with Covid!!! Thank you to all who trust us with your animals and equipment!

If you need a tax donation letter or receipt please let me know and I will get that to you pronto!!!

Lastly, we have space open for new boarders from pasture self care to full care top of the line stall packages. You can join us in rescuing if you'd like.

Shoutout to Dan Goulson and Nancy Goulson for allowing us to operate and lease their farms!!!! And Karen Moberly as well. We appreciate you all so much and we could not do what we do without you!!!

God bless you all and here's to 2022! Let's see how many animals we can save and love together!!!

12/9/21 - Guess what?! We have some upcoming events! 

Tuesday, Dec 14th, we will be walking in the Clark Co Christmas parade! We will be riding a few and bringing the minis and a goat! 

Saturday, Dec 18th from 12-3, we will be at Boonedogs on Old Richmond Rd with the minis. Santa and Mrs. Clause will be there for photos. It's free for all ages! 

11/29/21 - HEY EVERYONE! Want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising funds to repair roofing on the rescue property on 2 buildings as well as replace all the bent and broken gates on the property of McConathy Farm Rescue Team, and any donation will help make an impact. I am hoping Giving Tuesday will add to the fund as well through matching.

We were granted this wonderful property and are incredibly grateful. However, the property was in poor repair. The fencing is being replaced board by board and the buildings have been patched up. The maintenance never ends of course and we do all the work that we possibly can ourselves. We are also replacing the electrical boxes and wiring and having the property professionally surveyed in order to install new fencing next year. Click the link below to access the Go Fund Me page.

Please help if you can! Thank you!!!

9/17/21 - BENEFIT NEWS: These guys are coming to the benefit from 3-7 pm to entertain and support us as we close out the day with some fun for all!!

Cannot wait to hear their music!!

Silent auction donations so far:

We have a free lesson for the silent auction from Jeanna Epping our trainer extraordinaire !!!!! Woo hoo this one is valuable!!!!

We have one QH stallion breeding donated for the silent auction. Live cover only to ROYAL FRENCH KISS, he’s in Select Stallion Stakes, Future Fortunes, Tomorrow’s Legends, and will be in more incentives. Professional photographer and videographer will be out in October. He is a 3/4’s sibling to the multiple time NFR Qualifying and winning horse DM SISSY HAYDAY. He is also an own son of PC FRENCHMANS HAYDAY who was also an NFR Qualifier and winner in not only barrel racing, but also breakaway/team roping! Valued at $1,200!!!!!

Meat pig for processing. Yorkshire cross will be 150 lb. by October. Free range all organic feed. Valued at $125. Pick up for processing at Golden Arrow Farm in eastern KY ! and visit their mountain horse farm while there and see lots of beautiful Ky Mountain horses and stallions!

McConathy Farm Rescue is donating one birthday party or event certificate for the silent auction. Valued at $100 !!! Two hour appointment to visit the zoo, hold an event, princess party, unicorn party or cowboy party or family reunion, whatever!We have barrel cars for kids to ride in, a pony and cart to ride in, rocking horses, room to run and jump and of course a bunch of animals to pet and feed!!!!!!

McMillan and Son Transport is going to donate a free trailering certificate (within 1 hour of Lexington) for the silent auction this year!!!!

Thank you David!

We have an Equine massage therapist coming to the benefit!! There will be two massage gift certificates in the silent auction!!!!!!

Avery Claire is donating a certificate for her hair salon for the benefit!!!!!

8/11/21 - We are looking for silent auction items, riders and horses to show off, and vendors for our benefit!!!

Contact any of us if you have an item, want to donate a new item, want to be in the show, want to volunteer, or be a vendor!!

Lisa 859-983-8316

David 859-270-3964

7/19/21 - ANNOUNCING OUR ANNUAL BENEFIT DATE!!!! Sat, October 23, 2021! Join us for a fun family event for a horse show, silent auction, vendors, food and fun!!!!! 5185 Whites Lane (arena barn), Lexington, KY 10:00 a.m. start. More information will be added as we determine times and participants. All proceeds support the rescue horses, ponies, donkeys and animals! Volunteers will be helpful, donations for silent auction baskets and items, any theme you'd like to donate. We would love to have you and your horse in our national anthem parade of horses, horse show, it can be exhibiting your talent and your horses, barrels, poles, jumping, dressage, anything you'd like to share with kids and families that don't normally get to see this! Invite all your friends, neighbors and family out for a great fall festival. Take a look at our photo gallery for past benefit pictures! 

Contact Lisa 859-983-8316 to volunteer, ride, donate, be a vendor, etc.

7/15/21 - Another success story! Sebastian and Jake got adopted together! They are best friends and we are so thrilled they get to live out their days together!

7/5/21 - Shew, it's been an exhausting weekend. The fourth of July is a time to be patriotic and spend time with friends, but the larger animals sure don't like fireworks. It was three days of long hours into the night watching the herds to make sure everyone was safe and sound. We fed more hay so they had something to keep their minds off of the booms. A BIG shout out to our volunteers who stayed and helped keep an eye on things. You all rock!!

6/30/21 - We just returned from a trip to Indiana to help a family who has some health issues and searched out for a safe place to have them cared for and rehomed. They even traveled the 2.5 hour drive to check us out and meet us personally. Today we went and picked up 2 beautiful gelding Tenn walkers and a donkey and pony who are best friends. We have already selected the adopting family for the donkey and pony duo. The walkers are really beautiful and have had training years ago. They need a refresher and we will begin work as soon as their quarantine is over. Thankful that our reputation and outreach is professional enough and such that folks reach out to us. We work hard to do everything right! Thanks all for your support this is why we do it. Sometimes we help the people and sometimes we help the animals. This time it is both!

We also had an owner transfer of a paint spotted saddle horse. She's beautiful! 

6/21/21 - Ready set GO!!!! We are open for one hour tours and private parties. Must have reservations! I can email you the information on tours ($10 adult, $5 child recommended donation) in word format or pdf. Parties are suggested donation of $100 for 2 hours or whatever you wish to donate!

Call Lisa to schedule asap there are limited spots available. We will be open on Saturdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. 859-983-8316 share away folks! Please and thank you. If it is heavy rain or ugly weather we can reschedule or continue with the garage and tents if light raining.

Liability releases are required for entry to the farm. We can email or you can fill it out at the gate! Volunteers we can use you now and I have packets of information for you as well! Come meet Dickie the rogue rooster (we did actually get him into a pen he can't get out of so you are safe)!!!!!

P.S. Come meet the goats, pigs, bunnies, chickens, mini ponies, mini donkey, peacock chicks, and Dickie the rooster!!! AND we have barrel cars and a 3 wagon stroller and rocking horses!

6/18/21 - Introducing Fireball! He has been born and raised at McConathy Farm (literally foaled in the pasture under a tree). He has been working with 3 or 4 girls for the last year on his skills under saddle and in hand. He has been doing great and is now ready to find his forever home! Come check him out!

5/19/21 - WE'RE BACK! It's been a long time and we've had lots of things happening at the farm! First of all, with the new guidance from the governor, we are opening back up to the public and volunteers. We have missed everyone and so excited to have everyone back! Second, we've been able to rehome almost all of our rescues! Last but certainly not least, we are opening a new part of the farm! We are planning to open a petting zoo at the corner for parties, picnics, reunions, etc! We will also be offering a 1 hour farm tour where you can feed the animals, ride the barrel train, and just have fun with us!

10/6/20 - RESCUE NEWS: We have good news and not so good news. We are suspending intake of horses for this year. Due to Covid and not being able to hold our annual fundraiser, folks being without jobs and extra money to donate, and our not being able to open to the public or volunteers, we have made this decision.

     Of course, we will hold back a couple openings for our local animal control and for emergency purposes but as far as taking in new rescues we are not able to at this time. We have never been in this position before and it feels off, but it is necessary to properly do our jobs without becoming overwhelmed ourselves.

     What I can do for those needing help with horses is to share your information on our FB pages to our followers in hopes that you can rehome them yourselves -- with our contacts.

     Now the good news is that as always, we do have money in our hay fund and our vet account is paid off and we will properly care for all sanctuary horses and continue training for the adoptable horses that we have until they are successfully placed in a loving safe forever home. We have 3 companion-only horses and 4 rideable thoroughbreds to rehome.

Thanks for your understanding and support! Hoping next year will be better for us all. Stay safe, praying for you all! God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/5/20 - It’s been a great day at the farm! Bo got adopted!! It’s so exciting to see these rescues get their second chance and a loving new family! We wish him all the best and can’t wait to see his many adventures!!!

8/21/20 - Introducing a new rescue! Meet Bo! Go to our Available Now page to find out more!

7/24/20 - We would like to thank Lowes on Richmond Rd for their help with the rescue. They have donated face masks, helped us set up an account for the rescue, and gave us info on two grants that we can apply for! Bryan the manager has been wonderful and we just wanted to give them all a huge shout out!

6/23/20 - We would like to thank Barbara Jo Call from Atlanta, GA for her support of the rescue by making a generous donation! This will provide hay, grain, and other necessities for many of our rescues! We truly can't do it without people like you!

6/12/20 - Though no fault of their own, Windy and Mattie the thoroughbred mares are back! Check them out on our Available Horses page!

5/11/20 - Todd Slusher will be hosting the 3rd Saturday clinic at McConathy Farm! Go to our FB page for more information!

5/1/20 - I totally forgot to tell you guys! The Richmond Register did an amazing story on the rescue back in January. It was on the FRONT PAGE!!!! Click here to see the article.

4/30/20 - Dena got adopted!!!! She will also be boarding at McConathy Farm!!! Congrats you two!

4/30/20 - During the quarantine, McConathy Farm still got to bring smiles to lots of faces! The McMini's were loaded and traveled to several nursing homes to do "window parades" and even got to wish a special lady a very happy birthday! Although masks covered our smiles as well, we got to see so many people oohh and ahhh over these little ones. It makes us so happy to be able to safely bring light during this time of darkness! Two of these stories were also in the news!

Richmond Register story: click here

Berea Citizen story: click here

4/8/20 - Don Juan got adopted!!! He has a new little field mate that he just loves! We're so happy for him!


3/15/20 - We have a few more rescues to announce! Meet Dena (white/grey horse) and Don Juan (bald face chestnut)! Check them out on our Available Now page!

3/5/2020 - McConathy Farm was in the news! Click here to see the story and watch the video!

2/29/2020 - Mattie and Windy are off to their new home in Lebanon!!! So, so, happy with their weight and the help from our Purina rep!!! Proof is in the photos. These are 17 and 20 year old broodmares in winter!!! They will be companions to a 20 year old gelding who is alone. He will have two girlfriends!!!! Another rescue success story, well, 2 !!! Their precious owner you will recall has terminal lung cancer. He will be happy to hear of their adoption!!!

Thanks to all who help us with this mission. Donations of time, money, supplies, prayers, shares, adoptions, it all counts!!!!!

2/12/2020 - 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for the rescue! Sandi and Sissy were both adopted! We will miss them both but are thrilled that they found their forever home!

2/1/2020 - Great news! Zoe was adopted by Emily and Donna and staying at McConathy Farm to board! We are so excited for Zoe and that we get to keep her at the farm and watch her progress!!!


We have new videos of Sandi, Zoe, and Bacardi! Check them out under the Horses and then Available Now section!


We have a returning rescue! Bacardi is back! Due to no fault of her own, Bacardi is back at McConathy farm and needing her FOREVER home. She is absolutely stunning! She is so sweet and did I mention trained and ready to go?! 

1/11/2020 -

It's 2020! Can you believe it?! We have been so busy over the holiday season that I'm just getting to the updates. We hope everyone had a great holiday and got to make wonderful memories with family and friends!

McConathy Farm supports our veterans by participating in events throughout the year. This year, we were privileged to be able to participate in three events; the Veteran's 5K, Veteran's Parade in Lexington, and Wreaths Across America at Camp Nelson. We are so thankful to our men and women in uniform and all they give to protect our country. Here are some photos from our events! 

11/23/19 -

DID YOU KNOW??? Your local 501(c)3 rescue McConathy Farm Rescue Team and Lisa McConathy/David McMillan are Kentucky Proud, a member of Ky Women in Ag, A Home for Every Horse, Unwanted Horse Coalition and Network for Good, as well as the matching program for Toyota??? Working hard to stay up to date on all the information needed to properly run this rescue!

Before you donate please make sure your donating to a legitimate 501(c)3 rescue for your tax donation to be legally deductible.

11/20/19 McConathy Farm has a new rescue! Meet Miss Lizzy! She is a 3 year old thoroughbred,never raced. She is so sweet and loving. She even has a heart right on her forehead! She and Zoe have become fast friends! She is up to date on all her shots, her feet are in good shape and she is ready to be started in whatever discipline you choose. 

10/21/19 - Remember the three thoroughbreds we rescued? They did great during their assessment and are now available for adoption!

Remember Zoe? She did awesome with trainer Todd Slusher too! (she's also available for adoption!)

10/15/19 - Remember Grace? Look at her now! She's available for adoption too!

10/11/19 - Our newest rescue, Sissy, is making such great progress! This is from Oct 1st - Oct 11th!

(more info about her coming soon!)

10/5/19 - The 5th annual McConathy Farm Rescue benefit was a huge success!!! We want to thank all of our vendors, volunteers, and anyone who came out and donated and had a fantastic day with us!

8/31/19 - The rescue team traveled to Cynthiana to rescue 3 Thoroughbred mares! These ladies are beautiful!

8/22/19 - Chrissy has been adopted! Congratulations Chrissy and her new owner Tiffany Jones!!!

8/11/19 - McConathy Farm now has a goat and a pig! Meet Bonnie (pig) and Clyde (goat).

8/10/19 - Cayenne got adopted! This is him loaded up and on his way. He will be boarded locally and we are so happy for his new adventure with his new owner! Congrats Cayenne!

8/5/19 - SAVE THE DATE!!! The annual McConathy Farm Rescue Benefit has been scheduled! Come out and enjoy a day at the farm! It is the first Saturday in October (10/5/19)-- there's no UK GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be at 5032 White's Lane, Lexington, KY (then follow signs) from 10 to 4. We will have a silent auction, vendors, food, a parade of our rescues and much more! All proceeds go back to the rescue to allow us to do what we love best, rescue these amazing creatures! Here are some moments from past benefits!

6/26/19 - He made it to his forever home! Thank you Kari Kelcher!

6/25/19 - Tate got adopted! Although states away, this big guy will not be forgotten!

5/30/19 - A new rescue made it to McConathy Farm! He is a beautiful bald faced paint named Cayenne (like the pepper)! We will be assessing him and trying to get some pounds off of him. Stay tuned for updates on his progress and adoption status!

5/2/19 - Grace and Zoe have been posted for adoption!

4/27/19 - Grace is getting so much better about letting people pet her!! She's starting to be more trusting of people and they both have so much personality!! I LOVE watching them run up the field when it's breakfast and dinner time, they are both so beautiful and both have filled out soo much since we've had them! So incredible seeing all of their progress, and building a bond with them.



GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME AND AT EASTER TIME WE ARE SO THANKFUL AND EMOTIONAL WE WANT TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF OUR NEW RESCUE FARM AT 5235 Athens Boonesboro Road, Lexington, KY 40509 !!!! We have been so overwhelmed by God's grace and the gift of this grant we haven't even been able to explain it to you folks!!!!

There is a long wonderful story explaining the many Godincidences and details from February until now but long story short for here is that someone granted us the money to purchase this farm for the rescue to continue on and operate forever!!! My personal dream and lifelong goal was to save animals long after David and I am gone. We didn't even apply for a grant!!!

We have moved into the rescue farm and off of our Grimes Mill location which we were so thankful and happy to have met and leased from Thomas Kindler and his family.

This rescue farm is 22 acres and has pastures and barns and a beautiful home for us to live in. We will be moving rescues in as we get the fencing replaced and repaired!!!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us knowing that we were under pressure and stress but not knowing why. Thank you to our workers and volunteers who have kept this quiet! Thank you to our grantor who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you angels and God for intervening along the way and moving all the obstacles out of the way.

We will have a grand opening eventually but not sure when. Moving is a slow process especially when it is from farm to farm!

If you want to know more details I'm happy to share my testimony!!! You won't believe how all this came about!

Happy Easter everyone and God is good -- all the time -- and he is listening to our prayers!

Lisa McConathy