McConathy Farm Rescue Team
Lexington, KY
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Who We Are

McConathy Farm Rescue Team, Corp. was started in November of 2014 from McConathy Farm, LLC (est. 2000) which is a recreational laid back farm setting for boarding horses and a home away from home for out of town college students. By adding a family-like atmosphere and some recreational enticements for clients who board their horses with the farm (i.e., cookouts, group vet & farrier visits, fish fries, bonfires, group trail rides, etc.), it has expanded to approximately 87 acres on 4 locations, on of which the rescue owns. 

Everyone is welcome to volunteer with the rescue in some capacity and some choose to do their required community service hours with us for class or college credit. 

Whites Lane is a tree lined, beautiful dead end lane located just 20 minutes from downtown Lexington, the UK campus and from Masterson Station. We are walking distance to Champaigne Run. Many UK college students come to college and bring their horses along! We have students from EKU and the horseshoe school too 

We work with local animal control and humane societies in Lexington and surrounding counties as well. 


We also assist other horse rescues in need by sharing hay, grain and transportation when  needed.  Rescues must work together whenever possible for the good of the horses!

Did You Know?

Did you know we provide these treatments for all our rescues and personal horses? Shots twice a year and Coggins once yearly!! Thanks to sponsors who help with the vet costs!! 

Did you know dental work is an important part of a horse's care?  Especially younger ones with wolf teeth and older horses that need their teeth floated (filed) so they can chew their food properly and not spill it!!! The grooves in a horses teeth help determine their age!!
Did you know? Farrier work is done on each rescue that comes in every 4 to 6 weeks at a cost of $30 - $70 depending on whether they need special work or shoes!!! This is "River" and she was a little long. We love our farrier Ismael Garcia!!

No foot, no horse !!!