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Lexington, KY

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Available for Adoption!!!

Our promise to these horses is that they will never be abused, neglected, or hungry, and they will always be vaccinated properly, dewormed properly, and get the farrier and dental care that they deserve. If you can provide this home for them, we would love to work with you! 

If you adopt and find yourself in a spot later, we will take them back at no cost and no judgment! They cannot be trained and resold. This must be a forever home with a contract to return them if not.

If you don't see what you are looking for listed, please reach out to us because we have a waiting list of horses incoming regularly!

See a horse you love, but aren't  able to give it a home? Consider being a Dedicated Donor to their time at the rescue and help us provide it with feed and care. Dedicated Donor packages range from $50-$150/month. 

     If you see someone you want to take home, please email us at [email protected] for an adoption application!  All adoption prices are evaluated based on the horse, expenses, and training. The adoption fee for your new horse will help us take in another one and offer them the same loving home you are now giving yours! We are looking for forever homes so we have a contract that all rescues will not be resold or given away. If you can't keep the horse, he/she comes back to the rescue. We do not refund the fee, however, it will go toward the next rescue's vet, farrier. or other costs, All rescues are up to date on all shots, coggins, and farrier. 



Gender: Female 


Height: 15 (?)

Comments: Bacardi is back! Her owner got a new job that would take him away for long periods of time so Bacardi is back at McConathy Farm looking for her FOREVER home! She is absolutely stunning in appearance and in temperament. She is trained and ready to go! You won't be disappointed in adding this beauty to your family! 

Miss Lizzy

Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Female 

Age: 3

Height: 15 (?)

Comments: Miss Lizzy was abandoned at a boarding farm and came to McConathy Farm to find her forever home! She is incredibly sweet and she has become fast friends with Zoe. She is up to date on all her shots, her feet are in good shape, and she is ready to be started in any discipline you choose! She loves people, getting groomed, and treats. She has curious eyes and is always wondering what is going on around the farm. She would make a wonderful addition to any family!

Matchbook (Mattie for short)

Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 15.2 (?)

Comments: Mattie is an older registered, racer (34 races and over $45k in winnings!) and broodmare. She has been taught to lunge and ride. She has a friendly disposition and is going to be our fave to do groundwork with!! 

Here to Win (Wendy for short)

Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Female

Age: 18 (?)

Height: 15.2 (?)

Comments: Here is Wendy and she is older also. She is a former racer and broodmare. She has not been taught lunging or riding. She will need a forever home as a companion or someone with patience and knowledge to teach her to trust and learn. 


Breed: Throughbred 

Gender: Male (gelded)

Age: 10

Height: 15+

Comments: Marco came to the rescue in February 2019. He had his teeth done a year and a half ago. He has been turned out for about a year and we are still evaluating Marco. We will have more information soon! We believe he would be a fabulous dressage, trail riding prospect, or more!


Breed: Thoroughbred

Gender: Female

Age: ~13

Height: ~15

Comments: Grace came to us with Zoe with some rain rot and weight issues. She has come a long way in the short time we have had her and she is beginning to trust us and runs up to be fed! She is a beauty and is looking for her forever home!