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Sometimes we rescue horses, sometimes we rescue people!

Our goal is to bring peace and calm into the middle of chaos for incoming horses!


Willow (12/23)


Ally (4/22)

Jake (7/21)

Bacardi (3/21)


Ginger (12/20)

Bo (9/20)

Zoe (2/20)

Popcorn (3/18)

Billy the Kid (11/19)

Chrissy (8/19)

Gorgeous (3/19)

Gorgeous came to the rescue in December 2018. She retired off the track and stepped up to her next job as a broodmare. Unfortunately, it didn't take but that doesn't mean she's not ready for her next adventure with one of our Humane Society colleagues, Jamie Shoup! We are also happy to say that he will be boarded at Mcconathy Farm!

Bodan (8/18)

Bodan was adopted in August 2018 by Candice Fenwick for her birthday. Bodan joins field mate Mateo, and will reside in Lexington, KY.

Firecracker (l) and Dino (r)

Firecracker and Dino were adopted as a pair in August 2018 by a kind soul near Campton, Kentucky. He will complete their training and share them with his grandchildren and needy youth in the area.

Shay (1/16)

This was Diamond (now Shay) who was adopted by Amanda Ortt in December 2015 who boards at Sandybrook with Sarah Sillman! Shay is making great strides and learning very quickly!!! Amanda spends many hours with her new best friend!!! 4-13-16 Update: Shay was rehomed with a friend of Amanda who will be responsible to monitor the wellbeing of her.

Gypsy (Pregnant on intake) (4/16)

Gypsy was adopted by Nora Back in Rogers, Kentucky. She was pregnant unfortunately and bred way too young. She lost the foal but Nora was able to save the young mare's life with her grandson Sterling! Thankful for these two and Gypsy is doing well at this time.


Derby (2/18)

Beauty (7/17)

Miss Anna (9/16)

Niall (8/15)

Niall: Niall's dam was rescued from a nurse mare farm in Paris, KY along with Lady & Liam in 2014. She was discovered to be in foal and after a year of waiting she came to volunteer Amanda to have a safe loving place to have her sweet baby. Amanda had said she would only even consider keeping the foal if it was a colt, and either buckskin or palomino. On May 8th 2015 after 22 days of foal watching she foaled a beautiful palomino colt, that shed out to to be a buckskin.... And Amanda was in love. 3 months later in August 2015 he was adopted into his forever home with volunteer Amanda where he loves spending time pestering his pasture mates, and being told by everyone who sees him just how cute he is.

Lady and Liam (3/15)

Lady and Liam above came from a brood mare farm where they are bred for milk only.... the foals are discarded if they don't find them a home. We started out taking in several of these pregnant mares and mares with foals along with other teams of volunteers!! Liam was adopted by JJ Sillman one of our rescue team members!!

Liam and Skippy his new bff and roomie at Sandybrook Farm!

Joe Diffy (9/23)

Diego (8/21)

Grace (7/21)

Sebastian (7/21)

Marco (2/21)

Here to Win (Windy) (2/21)

Don Juan (4/20)

Sandi (2/20)

Lucas (7/20)

Cayenne (8/19)

Festus (​6/19)

Remington (1/19)

Remington, aka Remi, is a 9 yr old OTB that had several wins under his belt! His racing name was Ruled by Kisses. We believe that he suffered a leg injury and was brought to the rescue in October of 2018. Courtney Collins quickly fell in love with this guy and adopted him! She now boards him at the rescue and we still get to see him!

Linda (6/18)

Xena (3/18)

Xena (formerly Buttercup) was adopted in March 2018 by Diane and Alan May. This one year old filly is sweet and full of personality, with a healthy dose of attitude. Xena will reside at McConathy Farm in Lexington, KY.

Ginger (12/17)

Penny (10/17)

Sabine and Dominic (9/17)

Penny (2/16)

Penny (renamed Pepper) was adopted by Quail Creek and moved to Hartselle, Alabama in February 2016 along with Romeo. She has been shod, ridden and is doing super great at her new home. They will have horse riding camps at their church with these two horses!!! Thank you Nicole Smith!!!

Emma (2/17)

Emma adopted February 2017 as a family horse! She will get to raise kids!

Willie Nelson (2/17)

Willie Nelson: Adopted February 2017 Congrats Britney of Maysville Ky!

April, March, and Lady (4/17)

Congratulations to April, March and Lady! All adopted in Spring 2017! April and march were a bonded pair that went to the same home, and Lady was adopted out as a loving companion. All of these former nurse mares will live out their days happy and spoiled!

Levi (8/16)

Levi adopted 8-15-16! Congratulations Claire Goff and Kathy Murphy of Lexington Kentucky! we can't wait to see all the wonderful things to come from this sweet boy!

Gunner (6/16)

Gunner has been adopted!!! He is being trained to accept the saddle!!! Can't wait to see how this pony develops! Update: Gunner was trained and sold by her adopter. We discourage this activity but have been assured by the trainer she screened and will monitor the new owner.

Shyanne (4/16)

Badonkadonk & Houdini (7/17)

Badonkadonk & Houdini have new forever homes. Houdini is a therapy donk and Badonkadonk is Cinnamon's dad! He has been gelded and has a new forever family and is living the life with other farm animals. Wonderful ending for both of these guys!!!

Badonkadonk our senior donkey has a fantastic new home with owners who will shower him with attention and fly spray and sunscreen and grass!!!!! Congratulations to, the Welzins in Lawrenceburg

Dena (5/22)

Chase and Ozzy (8/21)

Fireball (8/21)

Adios Muchacho (Macho) (3/21)

Lizzy (2/21)

Sissy (2/21)

Matchbook (Matty) (2/21)

Flanero (4/20)

Dagur (8/20)

Tate (6/19)

River (1/19)

Recently, we were able to rescue a horse from a steep hillside by the KY River. After investigating, it’s suspected that the horse swam across the river and became trapped on the hillside where she remained for nearly a month before being spotted by a boater. Thanks to multiple Animal Control Officers working in extreme heat, the horse we are calling “River”, was saved.

River was adopted by Bradley Lunsford and she currently resides near Lexington!

Lucky (2/19)

Lucky was an owner transfer and has found her way back to her original owner! We were blessed to have her in our care for a short time and happy to say she resides here in Lexington!

Mariah (7/18)

Miss Janet (5/18)

Dutchess (12/17)

Skipper (11/17)

Lille (11/17)

Summer (6/17)

Summer was adopted by Diane and Alan May in the summer of 2017. This two year old filly (at the time of adoption) is as sweet as they come. Summer now lives at McConathy Farm in Lexington, KY.

Princess Olivia (5/17)

Romeo (2/16)

Romeo (renamed Rico) has settled into his new home nicely. He too has been shod, ridden and loves his new home!!! Nicole Smith and Quail Creek we thank you for adopting our horses and giving them a new beginning! Below they are out with their new friends!


This pretty girl came to us with a home but was here to get weight on her before heading home.

Miss Lisa and Lady (10/15)

Miss Lisa on the right with friends. She was rescued and put in with an owner surrender horse "Lady." They were adopted by Nickie Minehardt who came for Lady but fell in love with Miss Lisa also. Miss Lisa was named after our honorary member Lisa Beech who passed away in September 2015, Team Member Amanda Sturgill's mother.

Lady and Miss Lisa at their new home sharing hay April 2016

"My husband and I adopted Lady and Miss Lisa several months ago. They are the best girls ever!! We went for 1 horse and left with 2. Miss Lisa was Lady's foster baby and they were just too cute and loved each other too much to split them up. We are so very grateful for the opportunity we were given to love these girls. Miss Lisa is our first baby and we are blessed to be able to watch her grow. We have truly enjoyed them and would like to thank Lisa and McConathy Farm for the joy they have brought!! We will definitely be adopting our next horse from Lisa!!!"

Mahvelous Dahling (12/16)

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