McConathy Farm Rescue Team
Lexington, KY

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Meet the Rescue Team!


Owner/Operator of McConathy Farm, LLC and Executive Director of McConathy Farm Rescue Team, established November 2014! Riding EMMA an owner surrender Belgian Draft Mare!!! 

     "I have had horses since I was a little girl and got my love of horses from my father, the late James E. McConathy, Jr.  I've lived on the farm at Whites Lane for 15 years and raised two sons, Elliott (25) and Sammy (20)  as well as a ton of other kids along the way.  I started out with my own horses and way too many to ride.....then began foaling out for other folks. Then boarding became a way to supplement income and meet new friends to ride with. I've always taken in people and animals in need and feel it is what I'm here on this earth to do. You will most likely find me with a camera in my hand as that is my next favorite hobby! 

     In November 2014 I was certified as a 501(c)3 charity which enabled me to take donations and offer a tax deduction to those who helped us rescue horses. We get calls regularly and have had many experiences taking in owner surrender horses, etc. 


     David joined McConathy Farm in the winter of 2014. Winters are hard and when you have 30+ horses they can be plain old exhausting! Thanks to his help we make it through ugly winters just fine.

     Lisa and David were married October 2015. David is now Vice-President of the Rescue Team. 

     He likes to say in his former life he had no purpose or direction and that the horses and rescue team have given him new motivation to make a difference in the world one horse at a time!

     He has a son (21) Hunter McMillan and David rides his horse Miss P every chance he gets. 

Mari Collins *** Coming Soon ***

Courtney Collins *** Coming Soon ***


     Amanda began boarding horses at McConathy Farm back many years ago with Flex. Then she brought along Jake and then Marshall came later. . . she has her own farm now just down the road but is a continued presence at McConathy!  She has been a big part of the rescue since its beginning. There is not much this girl can't do with a horse. Starting riding at just 4 years old she has owned many horses over the years, still keeping around her mothers very first rescued horse, Jake, who is used as a baby sitter when needed. She has ridden in both 4H and Pony Club and ridden english, western and done mounted games! She currently owns 4 horses, her mothers rescued appaloosa, a pony from the stock yard, an off the track thoroughbred, and her most recent a rescued quarter horse nursemare foal! She is skilled in working with horses that range in age and breed, and loves every second of seeing these rescues bloom into the horses they are meant to be. 

Bertha Stamper

Bertha is not only Barbie's lifetime Dedicated Donor, but also a VERY important part of our team! She is the head spoiler of our rescues! She is also very known for spoiling our team members too. 

Bertha adopted Barbie when she fell in love with her and keeps her boarded at our facility. She makes sure all of our horses have everything they need and that our team members are well taken care of during, and after long days on the farm. She brings many wonderful ideas to the table and we are so blessed to have her as a part of this team. 

Pat, AKA Patty. is Lisa's older brother and he (and Punkin his Boston) are at the farm daily to help out with all the equipment, errands, mowing and basically anything anyone needs (except horses)!!!! He is a retired entrepreneur who owned a construction company and owned and farmed a 100 acre farm in the past ..... there are no machines he can't run and/or work on around here! Patty often helps with watching riders and foal watches when we need him!!! He keeps things interesting and helps us with all the rescues as we bring them in and trailer them out! 
(commonly seen driving her horse van "Agnes") !

     My father was a Dr. for the State Department so my first experiences with horses were overseas. We were stationed mainly in English colony areas so I learned to ride English. Very "proper" I was the horse crazy girl talking as many riding lessons a week that my parents would allow. Arrive at the barn...jump on a tacked up horse....ride your lesson....hand the horse over and go home.

     When I came back to the USA for college I found out that you could get college credit for horse riding lessons! I decided to buy my own horse. BOY was I in for a rude awaking! Where was my groom to help with my horse care? YIKES owning a horse costs money and I am a poor college my horse life changed to self care horse and working my butt off at the barn where my horse was t in exchange for free board. I worked at a breeding barn and I learned what it was like to keep 20 mares in foal ,.....and what joy it was to be around the babies. EVER since I started self care I NEVER turned back....I found that there was nothing better than taking care of your own horse. And other horses.

     When I started out riding I was always on a school horse. I had always had a horse that had "been there , done that" When my eventing horse was being retired I decided that I wanted to try my hand at a green horse. I never knew HOW MUCH work went into a been there done that horse! I remember riding my green horse and crying at the end of the ride. My mare and I could not even go in a straight line at one speed. WHAT was I thinking? I am very proud to say that THAT mare is now working at Central Kentucky Riding For Hope. She helps with both disabled children and adults. Training a green horse teaches you so much. TIME is your friend.

     It is scary to even think how long I have had horses in my life! I started when I was 10 and now I am over 50. I have had many unique worldwide horse experiences. I learned many different things from each barn that I have worked at. What I DO know is that I NEED horses in my life. Horses make me whole.
I am now at a point in my life where I want to return the gift that the horse has given to me. LOVE. COMPASSION. FRIENDSHIP. That is why the McConathy Farm Horse Rescue is so near and dear to my heart. If I can help them rescue ONE HORSE and make that ONE HORSE feel loved and safe and needed THEN that is what I want to do. It makes my heart happy to help make a horse feel whole again.


JJ is a volunteer for all of the activities from trailering in, grooming, to photographing, etc.  

She is also the proud owner of one of our first rescues, Liam, who is now trained to ride !!!

More to come later . . .